Eating For Two

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Recently, I’ve begun to relish in the joys of eating for two. Okay, so I’m not pregnant, but I am newly in a relationship and it has reminded me of the perks of being coupled up.

Because I am a little bit bossy and lot obsessed with food, I get to make the decisions regarding what we eat, and how much of it. And, unlike the days of ordering Thai take-out and convincing myself to make the responsible decision and only order three dishes instead of the four that I really wanted, I now take the reigns off and opt for just about everything that catches my fancy.

The best part? He can eat. So no matter how much food comes to the table, there’s pretty much a guarantee that we’re going to down it one way or the other.

It’s nice having people in your life–because you can take advantage of their sheer presence, and use it as an excuse to order more appetizers and sides.

The age old adage that my parents raised me on really rings true when it comes to food; “What’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is mine…”