Ramen Burger Hits Red Robin

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If you follow Dish and Drink, you’ve probably heard me turning my nose up at fast food chains, and griping about the inferiority and sheer superfluity of hybrid foods. Now, you can tune in while I kill two birds with one stone; because Red Robin is incorporating a Ramen Burger into their menu. It is called…wait for it…The Red Ramen Burger.

Known for their wide array of burgers with unnecessary accoutrement, Red Robin peppers highways across America with mediocre eateries for weary travellers. Or, let me rephrase; the one time I went to Red Robin was halfway through a fraught road trip during a terrifying snowstorm. I was in a fight with my boyfriend at the time because of what I perceived to be reckless driving on his part. We pulled over for a tasty meal to warm our bones and our hearts. What we got was Red Robin. And it was gross.

My singular experience with the Ramen Burger was similar. I’m an avid lover of ramen, and also of burgers, yet the thought of combining them seemed sacrilegious. I had no desire to let this mockery pass through my lips. However, I found myself at Smorgasburg and I was starving and my friend offered me a bite. How could I say no? The “bun” was soggy, and the burger aggressively seasoned with tacky teriyaki sauce. Suffice it to say that I’m not a fan.

Anyhow, it seems that the gates of hell have opened up and within them lies a dimly lit Red Robin serving luke warm Red Ramen Burgers.

Think I’ll pass.