Chipotle Chipotle Chipotle

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Here’s the deal with Chipotle.

For those of you who don’t know (which seems pretty much impossible) fast food darling Chipotle has had a pretty tough year. Several foodborne illness outbreaks forced the chain into temporary shut-downs, and landed them under the investigation of the Center For Disease Control (CDC).

Since the CDC began looking into Chipotle, fans of the food have been waiting with bated breath to find out exactly which one of their beloved ingredients caused such sad stomachs across the country.

Looks like they’ll have to keep on holding it, because the CDC just closed their investigation, without pinpointing the root of the problem. They concluded that, although they couldn’t isolate the exact preparation or food that E. Coli sprung from, the problem had been contained and was no longer a threat.

So, the ordeal is over. However, despite Chipotle’s grand marketing techniques and optimistic gains, analysts are reporting that the franchise is estimated to underperform in the foreseeable fiscal future.

Sales have dropped about 30 percent in the wake of the scandal, and with their promotional deal to provide free burritos as reparations, Chipotle has given away approximately $20 million worth of burritos.

Executives of the company have assured investors that sales will rebound to their previous highs within the year, but analysts have said that that will not happen until 2018, at best.

The roller coaster ride won’t quit. Get your guac and your burrito bowls and your green sauce while you still can, because who knows how long they’ll be able to hold on.