Sick Food

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Everybody has their go-to items for when they’re not feeling too hot. For me, it’s a classic matzoh ball soup–the Jewish Penicillin my mom always called it. Nothing brings me comfort and joy quite like those dense little carbo-loaded niblets floating in salty broth.

Some prefer ice-cream to soothe sore throats. Others opt for gatorade and saltines. I once had a boyfriend who would whine until he got his hands on a Dannon yogurt. Weird.

Many of these foods are cited has having healing properties, but honestly, I think that more than anything the benefit that they serve is a sense of comfort and familiarity in a time that your body is all out of whack and doesn’t know what’s what.

So, no matter what your sick food is, or whatever the strange requests are of your loved ones in their time of need, indulge it. Being sick is the only time that it’s socially acceptable to act like an absolutely picky, unpleasant baby and get away with it.