Sunday Brunch: Easter Feast

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My family is Jewish, and therefore has never gotten all that into celebrating Easter. I have a couple of vague memories of dyeing eggs with my mom as a child, but this was more fun-craft-activity than observant-holiday-bahavior.

That said, I try to not be somebody who turns their nose up at any celebration. Why’s that? Because–across the boards–they tend to come with some pretty delicious food.

Easter is no exception. A spring celebration, the foods served emphasize greens and orangey hues; paying ode to blooming buds and increasingly sunny days. And who could forget about lamb? Many people don’t know that lamb is seasonal, and that right around Easter is when these little buggers come into season. Yum! Sign me up!

Here’s my philosophy; if there’s good food, I’m there. So if your Easter party consists of sad leftovers and stale bread, count me out. But, if you’ve got hot rolls out of the oven and a long roasted, tender lamb shank, make room at the table, because I’m on my way!