Food Truck Heaven

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Last weekend, I made the trek down to Austin, Texas, to attend the infamous SXSW festival where I would be playing two shows with my band, and eating my body weight in BBQ. It was everything I could’ve hoped for.

Brunch: I arrived in Austin at around 11:00 a.m., and took a much needed nap at my hotel room. I called up a friend who was in town for the festival as well, and asked him to pick a spot. “BBQ or Tacos?” He asked me. This time, I opted for tacos, and met him at a roadside Mexican place called Polvos. I realized that I was more in the mood for eggs than tacos, and ordered the Huevos Motulenos. And a beer, of course.

Dinner: After a few of hours of drinking, dancing, and checking out some killer shows with some other buddies, I was starving. I parted ways with my friends and found my way to a food truck mecca, where I proceeded to order what would be the very best Fried Catfish Po’boy of my life.

Breakfast: It was almost time for my first show, and I needed to get something in my stomach before getting on stage. A BBQ food truck called “Rib King” caught my eye. I made my way over and asked what the best thing on the menu was. The answer? No surprise here folks, the ribs. I wanted a brisket sandwich, though, so I ordered one. The truck wasn’t open yet, since it was before noon, but the extremely friendly owner said he’d open up early just for me. I changed my mind at the last minute and decided that I would opt for the ribs. He cooked up a big old plate for me, and threw on some complimentary brisket just because.

Lunch: There’s no such thing as too much pork. I opted for a pulled pork sandwich to follow up my BBQ breakfast from just a few hours earlier.

Dinner: I’ve only had Filipino food a handful of times, and oh boy do I hope to change that. Around 10:00 p.m. my crew found our way to more food trucks. I got a rice porridge with Adobo chicken and fried scallions. Damn was it good.

Breakfast: By the time Sunday rolled around I had been eating my face off for the whole weekend. My band had another show, this time at a bar with a beautiful outdoors picnic table area, complete with a food truck of its own. I had eaten a banana and a granola bar by the time I got there, as a lighter breakfast choice…But they had Biscuits and Gravy on the menu! And I just couldn’t pass that up.

Lunch: We played and then hung around the venue to check out the other bands on the bill. For lunch, I got a seitan taco and a watermelon salad. I figured I should try to be healthy for a second at least.

Dinner: I had eaten every meal outside since arriving in Austin! But the temperature dropped, forcing me indoors for my last supper. I went to a Thai place called Sway. It was quite loud and I was very hungover, but the food revived me. I got the Pad Thai; it was exceptional!

That wrapped up my food tour of Texas. It was a weekend I’ll not soon forget (the parts of it that I remember, at least).