Sunday Brunch: Saraghina

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Saraghina, in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, boasts some of the best pizza in the borough. Their crust is thin but not too thin, their toppings always bursting with flavor, their sauce the perfect balance of sweet and salty. Before visiting for their acclaimed brunch menu, I’d been a handful of times for dinner. I’d always left intensely full and content, so my expectations were high for this leisurely weekend meal.

The three of us brunchers arrived, hungry and hungover and bordering on insane. First things first; a Bloody Mary please! We surveyed the menu and decided upon an array of completely reasonably sized and healthy, light dishes to share amongst us.

Just kidding, we went ape shit. Duh.

We got the Eggs Norwegian: two poached eggs with smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce, market salad, and home fries.

A House Burger: with grassfed beef, lettuce, roasted tomatoes, caramelized onions, gorgonzola cheese, served on a brioche bun with fries.

A Cubana Salad: with watercress, goat cheese, avocado, thyme and walnuts.

A Napoli Pizza: with san marzano tomatoes, fresh mozarella, anchovies, oregano, black olives, and fresh basil.

And a side of bacon, for good measure.

When the food arrived, we didn’t waste a moment; we dug in, shoving our faces with alternating bites of steaming pizza, oozing burger, and golden drippy egg yolk. We felt ourselves immediately revived–coming back to life after a night of hard alcohol and harder dancing. The meal was the perfect antidote to the boozey poison which we cursed, only to proceed to consume again in the very same breath.

As usual, the provisions at Saraghina were fresh and scrumptious. The ambience was inviting too, the well lit room was charming, but not so bright as to upset our delicate throbbing heads. If you find yourself traipsing around the area, holding your head in your hands, regretting your choices of the night before, head on over to Saraghina to eat the pain away.