Sunday Brunch: Super Bowl Super Snacks

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I’m not a huge football fan. Quite honestly, I just never got around to learning all of the rules, or really caring about a game that lasts over four hours. That said, I, like any self-respecting foodie, love wings. And nachos. And dip. And beer.

That, my friends, is what the Super Bowl is really about. It’s also the perfect killer combination that always leaves me passed out on the couch by halftime, rather than watching big dudes pummel each other like I should be.

When it comes to planning your Super Bowl banquet, it’s important to keep a couple of things in mind:

Firstly, in this context, you really need to consider quantity and quality. It’s one of those meals which never really ends, so you’ll need a variety of snacks to choose from throughout the duration of the game. You’ll want something crunchy, salty and not too strongly flavored to munch on mindlessly: that’s where your classic potato chips or popcorn come in.

Additionally, you’ll need some protein to make sure you get good and full–hence the wings or tacos or ribs if you’re lucky. And even though it’s never the most popular of choices, sweets must be provided as well. I’d recommend something classic, like cookies or even just bite-sized candy bars.

Happy feasting, folks! May your snacks reign supreme, your team win, and your couch naps be plentiful and comfy.