Sunday Brunch: Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Lately, I’ve been embracing the homespun brunch. I’ve grown weary of emptying my pockets week after week for simple dishes that I can replicate myself in the comfort of my own pajamas.

This is especially true when it comes to Scrambled Eggs. I rarely order my eggs scrambled at restaurants, because there just aren’t that many places that I feel do them justice. Too often they come out overcooked, rubbery, or bland. When I prepare them myself, in my well-seasoned cast iron, without the rush and pressure of an intense, high volume brunch crowd, they’re never boring or disappointing.

There are a couple of tricks when it comes to achieving the perfect scrambled egg:

Spices and aromatics: You shouldn’t be putting your eggs in there naked. I like to mince some garlic and shallots and cook them over low-heat before adding my egg mixture. I also season the raw eggs with salt, pepper, and a hint of paprika.

Proper heat: Sure, you can cook your eggs super quickly over high heat, but why would you want to? Low or medium heat will give you more control over the consistency and texture you want to achieve.

Eggs love dairy: I scramble my eggs with a touch of milk or heavy cream to help them reach ultimate fluffiness. If I’m using cheese (which I often do) I wait to add it until the very end, when I know that my eggs are already almost ready. That way, I won’t confuse the melty, gooey, goodness of the cheese for uncooked egg. I also always cook in butter, rather than olive-oil or some other fat substitute. Butter makes everything better. If you don’t believe me, I’ll say it again, but louder: BUTTER MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER.

Correct utensils: Use a wooden spoon or rubber spatula. These sensitive little buggers don’t need to be chopped, poked and prodded by sharp metal.

Remove from heat before you think they’re ready: Eggs are delicate, and that means that they cook quickly. Turn off the burner before you think your eggs are fully cooked, the residual heat in the pan will finish them off, I promise.