Sunday Brunch: Make Your Own Gosh-Darn Brunch

After food, coffee, tip, tax, and perhaps a cocktail or two, shelling out $30 for brunch is a common occurrence in NYC. But this extravagance can be trying on the pocketbook of a twenty-something, who may or may not have drained the last of their week’s paycheck on whiskey sours and late night tacos. So every once in a while you just have to bite the bullet and make your own gosh-darn brunch.

Here’s what I eat when my Sunday morning is relegated to the confines of my apartment.

Lox: I’m a fish gal, specifically of the cured or smoked variety. I get mine at Russ & Daughters, one of New York City’s oldest and best Jewish delis, and the equivalent of my very own personal mecca. This is one of those purchases that I splurge on for my home groceries, because it’s just that good.

Avocado: Avocado is a great way to sneak some vegetables into your indulgent meal without secretly resenting them. (Oh, wait–scratch that. Avocado is actually a fruit.)

Eggs: How a restaurant can charge upwards of $17 for an egg dish is beyond me, given that you can grab a dozen at the grocery store for a fraction of the price. Furthermore, when you’re preparing your own eggs, you don’t have to deal with egg fascists who won’t allow you to order yours runny on a breakfast sandwich. My favorite ways to prepare an egg are fried, soft-boiled, and poached; all of which are way simpler than you would imagine. The best part is that if you overcook your eggs, you can just start over, rather than shamefully sending them back to the kitchen.

Cheesy Toast: I like to toast my bread in the pan with my eggs, and course I cover it in cheese before I do that: making a mini, open-faced grilled cheese without dirtying another appliance.

Which leads me to what is the great downfall of DIY brunch: the clean-up. Despite my affinity for cooking, I am not what you’d call a graceful chef when it comes to cleanliness. To be honest I’m not all that neat in general. Which is why it’s best to cook your homemade brunch for somebody else as well. That way you can hold them responsible for dealing with the aftermath while you crawl right back into bed and watch Law and Order.