Guac Is Extra: October

I have managed to bring my yearly burrito count to 98, which means that I am only two burritos shy of my overall goal with two months to spare. About midway through this challenge, I had the foresight to realize that my target would be easily met. After that, I needed to decide where and how I would celebrate this triple-digit feat.

In the last edition of Guac Is Extra, I hoped that number 100 would be from Boca Fiesta in Gainesville, FL. By some remarkable pacing this month, it seems that it will in fact be enjoyed in the sunshine state. I am envisioning it like this: balloons, tiaras, all the guacamole (even if it isn’t free), and of course, burritos. Be sure to stop back in November to see pictures from the party. For now, here is the rundown on some of my mouthwatering meals from this month.

We need to talk about Benny. Affiliated with Blockheads, Benny’s Burritos deserves all the praise. I headed to the Greenwich Avenue location after work one Friday with a few coworkers. Upon our arrival, we quickly realized that plenty of other people wanted to start their weekend at Benny’s. With a forty minute wait for a table inside and some serious hunger pains, we opted to bundle up and sit on the street patio.

Immediately, my eye was caught by the special: their Pumpkin Mango Chili Burrito. With some hesitation, I chose to order it–for science. If you like burritos and autumn, you should stop reading this immediately and run to Benny’s. We could smell the pumpkin and sweet potato as soon as our waiter delivered the ‘rito to our table. I obnoxiously made my coworkers sniff my plate before I took a bite out of this beautiful concoction. Although the mango didn’t come through much, the pumpkin, sweet potato, and chili mingled perfectly together. I have had chili burritos before and most of them have felt heavy and messy. This burrito, however, held together perfectly. This festive treat from Benny’s gets my vote. Good news for vegans, too. Any of Benny’s dishes can be transformed to meet your dietary needs.

A few days after my stop at Benny’s, I returned to El Coco. I have eaten their burritos a few times this year and I have always been impressed. They make their ‘ritos rather quickly and with minimal wait time, but they certainly don’t lack in quality. I went for my favorite of theirs, the Mole Burrito. This meal comes with rice, grilled shredded chicken, Jack, Cheddar, sour cream, and their traditional mole sauce. My only hangup is that this option does not include beans. That aside, the mole sauce is not overbearing in its richness and dresses the chicken beautifully.

Unfortunately, the rest of my burritos from the last few weeks fail in the fun department. I opted for two quick lunch ‘ritos from Chipotle, two microwavable bean and cheese burritos from Trader Joe’s, a breakfast burrito from KoFoo, and dinner from Moe’s.

Next time you hear from me, I will have 100 burritos tucked away in my tummy. Until then, happy eating.

Burrito Count: 98