Guac is Extra: August

The other day, a friend of mine had the nerve to question my commitment to this burrito challenge. Admittedly, my foodie adventures have slowed in the last month. I finished July with 72 burritos under my belt. In the last four weeks, I have only added another seven to that count. But I promise, I am continuing to eat my share of rice and beans and everything in between those warm tortillas, just at a healthier pace.

At least once a week, I opt for a breakfast burrito from KoFoo, a Korean cafe in Chelsea. They serve up one of the best brunch deals I have come across, one that both my wallet and stomach find irresistible. Filled with eggs, bacon, cheese, potatoes, and peppers, KoFoo’s burrito only costs $4.50. Lately, I splurge and add avocado to the mix for an extra dollar. Only $5.50 for a delicious and hearty breakfast? Yes, please.

For lunch this month, I returned to Bamboleo for their ranchero burrito. This option–a hefty portion of rice, guacamole, cheese, lettuce, pico, sour cream, and salsa–has creeped its way onto my favorites list. It is rare that a burrito’s contents are well distributed, but Bamboleo seems to have figured out the secret. While I enjoyed every last bite of my burrito, I watched my friend eat around a heaping pile of guacamole that dressed his taco salad. I felt grateful to have a tasty burrito to save me from the heartbreaking realization that I needed to find a new friend, and stat.

I consumed the rest of this month’s burritos at Chipotle. I strictly order the vegetarian option to avoid the additional guacamole charge. I am not-so-silently boycotting their absurd avocado rates, especially now that I’ve discovered KoFoo.

I am more than halfway through the year and about 20 burritos ahead of schedule. In September, I plan to steer clear of chains like Chipotle. Instead, I’d like to eat at local spots that I have yet to try. With that being said, I’d also like to return to some of my favorite restaurants, like Tito’s and Mexicali Blue to see if their burritos continue to hold their top rankings.

In a matter of time I will reach that golden, three-digit number. When I do, that won’t stop me from eating my favorite food. If and when I reach 100 before December, I will be sure to up the ante. Ain’t no rest for this burrito connoisseur.

Burrito Count: 79