Sunday Brunch: Brunch Requires a Run

Exercising with a group is scientifically more advantageous than working out alone. It increases the likelihood that you’ll not only show up to the workout, but also push yourself harder than you would on your own. Especially when running with a group, you’ll be more motivated to increase your speed to keep up with those around you. This method of training in teams is how Olympic athletes reach their peak potential.

Research also dictates that exercising outside instantly boosts levels of happiness and positive emotions.

These facts are only a few components of the genius behind the social group bRUNch, which combines a morning race with the promise of a delicious meal at the end.

BTR spoke with bRUNch founders Alexandra Weissner and Cortney Logan to hear more about the inner workings of the running club.

The bRUNch social group meets every Sunday in five major US cities to run a five or 10k before hitting a local restaurant for Bloody Marys and French toast.

“We have a lot of participants that make bRUNch part of their Sunday ritual. We find that what appeals most is the run/reward factor.”

Currently, people can sign up for the weekly race in Austin, Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, or Phoenix. Weissner and Logan tell BTR their plans to host pop-up events throughout other cities across the country beginning in 2016.

“Manhattan, Chicago, Seattle, Nashville, and San Diego are just a few on our list.”

While a 5k, which equates to 3.1 miles, may sound like a weighty commitment to a novice runner, the founders of bRUNch say that all experience levels are welcome at the event.

“The weekly events are untimed so people feel comfortable to simply show up and run/walk at their own pace.”

All participants need to do is arrive at the race on time. Each Sunday, there is only one race, with just one brunch outing to follow. If people sleep in, they miss the whole thing.

Runners take off at 9:30am from the designated meeting area. Prior to the start of the run, they make plans to reconvene over eggs benedict and mimosas approximately half hour to an hour later, depending on an individual’s preferred pace and distance for that day.

The post-run celebration is where Weissner and Logan have the chance to collaborate with local eateries to create custom menus.

“Our restaurant partners get creative with their entrees, incorporating their own spin on traditional breakfast food. We try to accommodate all of our bRUNchers and make sure we include a healthy option and a veggie option with the entree menu.”

Weissner and Logan make it a part of their mission to give back to each community they’re involved in. A portion of all tickets purchased for the weekly runs are donated to charity. For each city bRUNch operates out of, proceeds go to a local non-profit organization.

The group will hold its second annual bRUNch run in Denver on October 11th of this year.

The founders explain, “The annual run is a timed five or 10k, followed by a brunch food-themed festival. Participants will receive an awesome medal, a cookbook (with recipes from our restaurant partners), unlimited small bites, and drinks. There will be music, lawn games, and tons of fun.”

If you’re looking to amp up your running routine, make new friends, and eat a phenomenal meal, then what are you waiting for? Sign up for a race with the bRUNch running club, and transform Sunday morning into an event not to be missed.

Feature photo courtesy of Martin Cathrae.