Sunday Brunch: Yankee Stadium Fanfare

This edition of Sunday Brunch is a special one, albeit an also slightly disappointing one. A week ago today I had the opportunity to spend my brunching hours at Yankee Stadium for the first time since before the new stadium was erected. I haven’t been to a Yankee game in almost 10 years, so I was fortunate to join my mother in taking my father last week (who also hasn’t been in about that long) for a belated Father’s Day gift.

While we were wowed by the stadium’s Memorial Park, impressed with the view when we strolled by the bleacher seats, and quite satisfied with our own modest seats in section 213, we were mostly disappointed by the concessions, both in the food and drink categories.

The food

Those who are interested in some classic BBQ can find this at the Brother Jimmy’s BBQ stands around the stadium, but because I was with my health-nut parents, we skipped Brother Jimmy’s in search of a spot that would offer grilled chicken.

For this reason, we passed up on Johnny Rockets and Nathan’s, too. Eventually, we settled on a nondescript, unnamed stand that sold grilled chicken sandwiches, crispy chicken sliders, and beef sliders. My parents each ordered a grilled chicken sandwich, but I went for the crispy chicken sliders (three of them), which come with fries.

The stand wasn’t terribly busy, but I still wound up with beef sliders instead of chicken somehow. Because I can’t ever get myself together to say, “Excuse me, I ordered something else,” I took the mini burgers to my seat. I was torn in the first place between the two, so I reasoned that I’d be just as happy with the beef.

This was not so. You might think that the beef sliders would come with lettuce, tomato, maybe some ketchup or mayo on top. An offering of cheese? Nothing. I put some ketchup and honey mustard on them myself, but they were bland, the patties were thin and overcooked, and the buns were almost too big for the patties.

The fries were good and there were a ton of them. At least there’s that, right? Next time, I’ll hit up Johnny Rockets or the sit-down steakhouse.

It’s quite possible that my experience was in the minority, as most of the stadium does offer more interesting eats.

The drinks

This is the place where Yankee Stadium arguably drops the ball (haha). While the stadium does boast a couple of full bars (this includes a Tommy Bahama bar and a Mohegan Sun sports bar), their beer concessions are actually chastised.

While I’m still easing my way into the craft beer movement, Yankee Stadium has a long way to go. For a full comparison of Yankee Stadium against the Mets’ Citi Field, read here.

I’ll only say that I was complacent with a few Hoegaardens, but wouldn’t have minded an Ommegang Witte, which is on offer at Citi Field.

The service/ambience
I mean, it’s Yankee Stadium, so the ambience is great even when the Yankees are losing (they were), but I did get the wrong order for my brunch.

That said, my Hoegaardens were poured perfectly and the prices are not terrible for a venue such as this.

Obviously, I’d be thrilled to head back to Yankee Stadium any time for brunch, lunch, and dinner, but I’d be there for the game and not so much for the food and drink.


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