Sunday Brunch: Sweet Chick


By Michele Bacigalupo

Photos by Michele Bacigalupo.

Chicken and waffles is one food combination that has withstood the test of time. If the mention of fried chicken makes your mouth water, then just imagine the wonder of an indulgent sugary waffle sitting right beside it. Thankfully, this food union shows no sign of breaking up any time soon. While chicken and waffles certainly has an association with Southern culture, there has been debate over whether the dish can be accurately labeled as a Southern staple.

In Williamsburg, Brooklyn, there are plenty of neighborhood spots available to find something resembling this dangerously caloric dish. Pies ‘n’ Thighs offers the original chicken and waffles plate, while BrisketTown and BeeHive Oven serve similar Southern comfort food alternatives.

BTR recently stopped by the restaurant Sweet Chick to sample several items off the brunch menu.

Upon entering the door, Sweet Chick’s atmosphere hits customers immediately. With its tables and chairs resembling those of a traditional diner or cafe, the setup is homey and inviting.

I caught a glimpse of the plate the restaurant is most famous for–chicken and waffles, obviously–on a nearby table. The fried chicken loomed larger than life, while its neighboring waffle appeared fluffy in almost equally sized proportion.

After deliberating for some time studying the menu, I decided to order the eggs benny. The plate included shredded smoked chicken and smoked ham, served on a bed of biscuits, and topped with poached eggs and hollandaise.

While my dining cronies chose much “healthier” options than I–buttermilk pancakes and house made granola–I’m pleased to say that I regret nothing regarding my decision.

When the food arrived at the table, the eggs benny was presented like an open-faced breakfast sandwich. With delight, my eyes absorbed the image in front of me–two stacked towers of biscuits and smoked meat, with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce dripping down from the top.

The bottom layer of biscuit was arguably my favorite taste sensation. The bread was fresh and warm, and broke apart easily into crumbled pieces to maneuver onto the fork.

As a person who enjoys variety in a meal, the ratio of chicken and ham was perfect. The smoked meat fully covered the biscuit beneath, even spilling out onto the outer edges. I tried each aspect of the eggs benny both separately and as a sandwich, and I honestly can’t tell you which I preferred more. Each bite was astounding. While one half of the order was enough to satisfy my brunch appetite, I continued to polish off every last piece until the plate was clear.

Like I said earlier, no regrets were had.

Taking my liberties with the rest of the food on the table, I sampled a taste of the buttermilk pancakes. Praline butter syrup, thick and intoxicatingly sweet, was drizzled in the center of the mound. A container of blueberry compote rested on the side. One bite of pancakes told me all I needed to know. My sweet tooth enjoyed a brief victory as I savored the nutty syrup, but overall my taste buds were much more satisfied by the eggs benny.

The bowl of house made granola was ginormous, with full-sized raspberries and blackberries poking out from the Greek yogurt’s surface. I quickly lost count of how many spoonfuls I stole from my friend. Each berry I ate was more refreshing than the last. The granola was mixed well into the bowl, with just the right level of crunch factor built in. As if my fruit craving wasn’t fulfilled by the heaping amount of berries, there was also pomegranate molasses strewn throughout the dish. The granola bowl was scrumptious, filling, and an entirely different sensation than my own plate.

After this dining experience, I can say with confidence that I will definitely be returning to Sweet Chick very soon. I have my sights set on trying another three plates, at the very least.