Sunday Brunch: Anejo


By Dane Feldman

Photos by Dane Feldman.

Anejo, a Mexican restaurant and bar located on the corner of 47th Street and 10th Ave, does brunch just a little bit differently than most other places I’ve been to in New York. For starters, brunch doesn’t begin until noon. The late start means patrons have plenty of time to get there and grab a table, but it also means that a potential pre-brunch breakfast is in order.

The food

The restaurant serves brunch and dinner, but I’ve only had their brunch. For those looking for a typical NYC brunch prix fixe that includes bottomless drinks, you won’t find that here, but Anejo does have a prix fixe option. I went for that (includes coffee and three cocktails) and ordered the chilaquiles verde.

The chilaquiles were a deliciously spicy combination of beef picadillo, queso fresco, chipotle crema, and corn chips topped with fried egg. Seriously, the verde is hot and certainly not for the faint at heart, but I loved it. I would eat this again and again.

The drinks
Anejo’s drink situation is really where it sets itself apart in terms of brunch spots in the city. For $29, patrons can enjoy three different cocktails (choice of Bloody Maria, margarita, mimosa, or sangria) and a cup of coffee. Again, this is not bottomless, but it comes pretty close. The drinks are strong; you shouldn’t need more than three.

I went for a classic margarita for my first drink and was blown away. This margarita has to be one of the best I’ve had. The orange wedge instead of a lime wedge really helps heighten the flavor of the triple sec. That’s a trick I’ll have to remember the next time I make a batch of margaritas.

After that, I had to stick with it so I didn’t try the other cocktails.

Anejo’s coffee may not be bottomless either, but the cinnamon in the coffee and the homemade sugar cubes it’s served alongside make this the absolute best cup of coffee I have had in America.

The service/ambience
Because my group showed up right around noon, we were one of the only groups seated early on. The restaurant boasts a nice space and it filled up quickly as 1pm approached.

The wait staff was extremely friendly and accommodating, but I would have preferred just a tad more attention than we received. There was a fairly long wait in between our first and second round of drinks, but aside from that everything truly was great.