Sunday Brunch: Champignon


By Dane Feldman

Photos by Dane Feldman.

Champignon is a cafe located on Seventh Avenue between 22nd and 23rd Street in Manhattan. While the Chelsea cafe is named after the champignon mushroom, a popular and widely-known ‘shroom, Champignon is just a quaint neighborhood spot that seems to fly comfortably under the radar.

The food
Champignon’s most apparent quality is its dedication to the breakfast-y French classics. Menu items include croissant egg sandwiches, baked goods, several quiches, omelettes, and eggs benedict (which, of course, I ordered).

Because brunch is offered all day, everyday, Champignon also serves dinner entrees, pasta, burgers, paninis, wraps, and sandwiches. Patrons can also find plenty of breakfast items like bagels, yogurt and parfait, and oatmeal at this cafe.

The eggs benedict is pretty solid and it comes with a side of roasted potatoes, which are delicious, but thanks to the menu’s wide variety of items, I plan to try something else next time.

The drinks

Champignon offers brunch cocktails, including the only Bloody Mary I’ve ever ordered and liked (the amount of black pepper was key), beer, wine, bottled water, an array of smoothies and fresh juices. The cafe also serves a large selection of coffee bar items including flavored lattes, several different kinds of mocha, cappuccinos, cafe au lait, and other espresso items.

The service/ambience
Admittedly, I haven’t yet been inside Champignon thanks to its lovely al fresco seating, but the interior space does seem large and open. There’s a handful of tables set up outside with a pleasant view of a not-too-busy section of Seventh Avenue.

The wait staff is friendly, but not quite as attentive as I prefer, especially considering the fact that I dined here during an only moderately busy time.

All in all, though, Champignon is worth checking out if not for its quaint sidewalk cafe vibe, then for its weeklong brunch.