Guac is Extra: March

By Samantha Spoto

Bubba’s Burrito Bar. Photos by Samantha Spoto.

March has been the month of mouth-watering burritos, but to my heart and wallet’s dismay, they came at a steep price. I paid extra for guacamole eight out of nine times. I most likely would have been asked to pay an additional fee for all nine meals had the Taco King food truck offered guac as an option. Nevertheless, I ate a handful of delectable burritos that would leave Guy Fieri grunting.

As someone in constant search of bigger and better burritos, I called upon followers of my personal blog to recommend their favorite spots in New York City. That is how I found myself at Burrito Box, whose name accurately reflects the compact and boxy shape of their space. An avenue over from Columbus Circle, Burrito Box offers abundant options for a wide array of eaters, especially for those who abide by strict meat and dairy-free diets. I ordered the Vegan Chili burrito, and although it was rolled rather sloppily, every bite tasted more scrumptious than the last.

Taqueria Diana.

Based on another recommendation, I ventured to St. Marks Place to taste the Spit Roasted Pork burrito from Taqueria Diana, a small “California inspired Mexican restaurant.” Although I was pleased with the size of the burrito and the sensational seasoning, the majority of my meal consisted of rice. The other ingredients were masked by the surplus of rice and ultimately seemed sparse. Aside from an additional fee I forked over for guacamole, I also paid extra for cheese and sour cream. Despite my complaints, I can picture myself back at Taqueria Diana to try a platter of their nachos.

As promised, I returned to Mexicali Blue to taste the heavily advertised Catfish Burrito. Filled with “grilled Cajun catfish, vegetable rice, beans, red onion, cilantro, lime, pico de gallo, and herb sour cream,” this fresh and flavorful burrito lived up to the hype.

Mexicali’s burrito and the brief burst of warmer weather left me hankering for more fish-filled tortillas. I found my catfish fix at San Loco Mexico, a “Gringo-Mex” restaurant with three New York City locations. Unlike Mexicali, San Loco fries their catfish. Although I prefer the grilled option, the other ingredients in the “big mission style burrito” left my taste buds satisfied.

For those interested in adding heat to their meal, San Loco offers four different sauce options: “Mild or Hot or Serious or Stupid.” They also have a section on their menu titled “Fork & Knife,” with various salad and quesadilla platters. I am pleased to report that they fail to list burritos under the aforementioned heading–which means that San Loco chefs understand that eating a burrito with any utensil other than your hand is a big burri-NO.

The selection of Mexican restaurants in New York City seems limitless, yet I have struggled to find quality meals on Long Island that fulfill my constant cravings. The options for burritos in my neighborhood appear bleak and I am often left with the monotonous menus from Chipotle, Moe’s, and Green Cactus.

Bubba’s Burrito Bar.

A 45 minute drive east on Sunrise Highway, however, leads me to the holy grail of Long Island locales: Bubba’s Burrito Bar. I embark on the drive often for a taste of Bubba’s unique options. I have eaten several of their burritos over the course of the few short months I have been frequenting their establishment, but the Brotato stands high above the rest. Inside a golden tortilla rests marinated steak, fried potatoes, onion rings, cheese, bacon, and a bayou sauce, which intermingle to form a flawless burrito bite. Overall, their food is well worth the inevitable wait to be seated at one of the very few tables they have for their patrons.

Do yourself a flavor and dine at Bubba’s. Order the kid-sized burrito: at half the price of their regular option, it is as flavorful and filling as any standard-sized burrito you will eat elsewhere.

As the end of March approaches, I am 24 burritos deep into my year-long challenge. To meet my goal of 100 burritos by December, I need to keep with my current pace of approximately eight burritos per month. I hope to eat my next 75 burritos from 75 different businesses. Except you bubba believe that I’ll be back to Bubba’s Burrito Bar!