Dorm Life Snacks


By Michele Bacigalupo

Photo courtesy of Joakim Wahlander.

It’s College Week here at BTR and we know just how important food is to college students. If you’re a college student (or someone who lives with a budget comparable to a college student), chances are you’re consistently in need of some quick and delicious snack ideas.

Peanut butter is rich in protein and omega-6 fatty acids. It will supply your body with nutrients and energize you before class or a long night at the library. Peanut butter can be extremely versatile. You can have a sandwich for dinner, or a spoonful as a snack. It also pairs well with apples and bananas, which is an excellent solution if you’re craving a sugar fix.

As for something low-calorie, microwave popcorn is a great option. Popcorn is also an innovative method for meeting new people in the dorm. If you don’t have a microwave in your room, there is probably one in the building’s common kitchen area. As the popcorn begins to pop, don’t be surprised if multiple people come to stand near the microwave. They all envy your snack, and they just can’t help themselves. The popping sound and the buttery smell unknowingly pulls them in your direction. They will make a mental note that you’re the cool kid in the building with the popcorn supplies. If you’re feeling generous, offer to share a few handfuls. In the world of college, it’s likely to be the start of a beautiful friendship.

With that being said, anything that you can make in the microwave will come in handy. It’s a smart idea to stock up on soup, ramen, tea, and even a few personal pizzas. At some point in the semester, you’ll be too swamped with coursework to have time to cook a proper meal, or even get yourself to the dining hall. That’s when your emergency stash of microwavable food will save your life, not to mention provide you with the fuel you need to keep studying.

If you’re even too lazy to operate a microwave, there are plenty of to-go options. When it comes to on-the-go food, nutrition bars make for excellent snacks to keep on hand in your backpack. When you’re trapped in class for hours and your roaring stomach starts to sound louder than the professor’s lecture, you can whip out a nutrition bar and calm the beast within. Kind and Larabars typically have balanced ingredients and a lower sugar count than other snack bars at the store, so stock up!

Every snack food listed so far falls into the healthy category, but when you’re looking to indulge a bit, it doesn’t hurt to have a few sweets lying around. Oreos have been around since 1912, and yet the company is consistently producing new varieties, perfecting the cookie’s effect on the taste buds. There’s an Oreo out there for everyone, and for every occasion it seems.

If cookies aren’t your preferred treat, Betty Crocker’s Warm Delights offer a rich selection of microwavable dessert items, including cakes and brownies.

Choose a few of these options to snack on at school, and you won’t complain of hunger pangs quite so much the next time you remember to call home. You should do that, by the way! Call the house, and relate the horror of your most recent meal at the dining hall.