Kitchen Item Trends


By Anjelica Blige & Dane Feldman

Photo by Dane Feldman.

Over the holiday season, a lot of college students and Millennials living in an apartment for the first time received kitchen items as gifts. Several of these items are now rising to the forefront of culinary trends, which means they are far more worthy of a second look than they were just a few years ago.

Slow Cookers
Slow cookers, also known as Crock Pots, are quite simple to use, yet bring us some of the most warming and delicious recipes in existence. You can put all your ingredients in the pot, go to work or run your errands, and by the time you return home the meal of your choice is complete. Try this chicken and root vegetable stew in a slow cooker instead of a Dutch oven.

If you’re into the ever-popular trend that is juice and smoothies, you may want to invest in something like the NutriBullet. This is not only a blender, but the cup part is detachable and comes with a lid so that everything can be consumed on-the-go. Now you can save the $5 every morning at your local juice bar and still enjoy tasty and healthy beverages.

Waffle Irons
No, waffle irons aren’t just for breakfast anymore. Waffles are now becoming brunch staples and are even included as main dishes at all hours of the day. Treat your waffles as if they are buns; add a burger patty, maybe some cheese, and even onions and you have brinner (breakfast and dinner combined). It’s like an all-new Luther burger.

Woks make creating stir fry recipes in under 30 minutes doable, which is perfect for those breaks between your afternoon and night classes or even between your night classes and going out. Cooking in a wok is a simple one pan concept, like the slow cooker, and it makes dinner—and the clean up—as simple as it gets.

Entertaining your friends is far easier than you think, especially if you use any of the above products to do so.