Millennial Favorites Return


By Rachel Simons

Photo courtesy of Callie.

Rejoice, our generation’s extreme nostalgia for the ‘90s has brought back some of our favorite childhood fare. Whether or not these products will taste the same or even taste good at all is up to your palate, but here are four foods that have recently become available once again. You may want to run to your grocery store (or laptop) as quickly as possible.

French Toast Crunch
This bread-shaped French cousin to Cinnamon Toast Crunch ceased production in America in 2006, forever robbing children of its artificial syrup and cinnamon goodness. Or so we thought.

While Americans endured those horrendous nine years of French toast cereal-less breakfasts, Canadians happily munched away. General Mills decided to take pity on us, and announced that they would resume USA production this month.

Coca-Cola’s answer to the Pepsi-owned Mountain Dew, SURGE had a vague lemon-lime taste and chemically induced green coloring that was all too similar to its predecessor. While the soda was taken off of the shelves in 2003, a group calling themselves the SURGE Movement slowly began to demand that Coca-Cola bring back their favorite product. In 2013, this cult following went so far as to spend $4,000 on a billboard outside of Coke’s Atlanta headquarters with the message: “Dear Coke, we couldn’t buy SURGE, so we bought this billboard instead”. Thanks to them, you can now buy 12 packs of this ‘90s throwback with its original 16-ounce can design on Amazon.

Crispy M&M’s
You would think that any type of M&M’s is a bag of candy worth buying, but not so with Crispy M&M’s. These familiar chocolate candies with crispy rice wafer centers were taken off the American market about 10 years ago, never to be eaten again unless you went to Europe or had an internet connection. But, as of this month, you will need neither a passport nor a modem to get your chocolate fix, Crispy M&M’s are once again available in US stores.

Like French Toast Crunch, Dunkaroos were technically never discontinued. General Mills simply just stopped making them here and kept right on with production in Canada. While it is unknown when these delicious packs of cookies and frosting will hit shelves on American soil, you can easily go to Amazon and get five packs shipped to you for $6.29. Not exactly the best deal, but hey, reliving your childhood doesn’t necessarily come cheap.