Inspired Kitchen Gadgets

ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTORS Veronica Chavez Dane Feldman

By Veronica Chavez and Dane Feldman

Photo courtesy of j l t.

This week is Inspired Week here at BTR, which has launched a discussion about “inspired” cookware. Most notably, we’re talking about kitchen gadgets that have a dual purpose, making life in a smaller kitchen a whole lot simpler. Below are a few that stood out to us that you may want to invest in too.

Revolvy 2 in 1
If kitchen counter space is precious to you, you will love the Revolvy 2 in 1 by Wonkook Lee. The device is a combination handheld mixer and blender, and best of all, it folds so that it can be hung from a hook when not in use. In addition to being one less item on your counter, the Revolvy 2 in 1 will save you money on your electric bill since you’ll need to unplug it after each use. Win-win!

Twist Fold 3 Tiered Bowl
We’ve seen three-tiered bowls before. Items like this are especially popular in kitchens where the cooks use tons of fresh produce, but we guarantee that you’ve not seen one like this. Not only does it take up the space of just one bowl while it’s on your counter, but when it isn’t in use it folds up into to the largest bowl so that you can store it easily in any of your kitchen’s drawers or cabinets. We need it. You need it, too.

“IMO” Coffee Maker
The Keurig is great, but there’s another coffee machine in town that hasn’t gotten much buzz yet. The “IMO” coffee maker is slim and compact, holds enough water to brew three coffee pots, and folds out to many heights for tall or short containers. No mug is too big or small for IMO, which is pretty awesome. But the most awesome spec of all? You can fold it into a pretty compact shape and tuck it away in a drawer or push it out of the way on your counter space.

Goci Roll Up Cooktop
Now, if you do your cooking in a small space and the above appliances are useful to you, this one can be seen as either wildly useful or wildly unnecessary. Be that as it may, the concept of a roll up cooktop is absolutely brilliant if your stovetop is rather small. Clear some counter space and you’ll have an extra burner, so to speak. Then, roll it back up and store it out of sight.

Mocubo Cutting Board
When most people think about cutting boards, they think of a simple wooden slab. That is unless you own the Mocubo cutting board. Made of bamboo, the Mocubo cutting board features three drawers to organize all your freshly chopped goodies. It is also pleasing enough to the eye to use during get-togethers for a neat way to present hors d’oeurves.

The cutting board is actually what inspired this piece. How could anyone go back to using an ordinary cutting board when there are ones out there with drawers?

Tune in to Eatopia this Sunday for more on the Mocubo Cutting Board and other inspired kitchen gadgets with DJ Hanabi and Insane Dane.