Best of Dish + Drink: Drinks

By Dane Feldman

Welcome to Dish + Drink’s first Thirsty Thursday of 2014. Like with yesterday’s post, I want to take this time to take a look back on 2013. Some of last year’s cocktails were too good to miss, so here are my top 5 picks one more time.

5. Frozen Gimlet

Photos by Dane Feldman.

The vodka gimlet is my all-time favorite cocktail, but admittedly I was so overwhelmed with trying all kinds of new things that the gimlet took a back seat last year. Still, no list of mine is complete without paying homage to the drink that showed me how good vodka can be. Thank you gimlets and thank you Betty Draper for nudging me to Google the gimlet 3 years ago.

4. Bourbon Fig Cocktail

As much as I love muddled citrus fruits in my cocktails, its become a bit predictable for me. Those who know me know that I am a lover of predictability and staples, but once in a while it’s refreshing to change it up. This cocktail does exactly that, combining flavors I wouldn’t have otherwise thought to pair. Keep this in your cache for late summer and early fall.

3. Peach Mint Cocktail

This cocktail works well with either vodka or bourbon, which means it automatically gets my vote as those are my two favorite spirits. I’d suggest waiting until late spring and early summer to drink this one unless you’re strong-willed enough to drink such a summery drink in the snowy weather. Personally, I can’t handle this one in the winter without feeling a bout of seasonal depression. Few things make me want a summer night on a porch in Georgia more than peaches and bourbon together.

2. Bourbon Sidecar

How I didn’t come up with this prior to 2013 is beyond me. This cocktail is practically the be-all end-all for me, combining citrusy notes with bourbon. This cocktail is worth your time year-round, but requires that you have fresh oranges and lemons on hand. It’s truthfully an entirely different – and far inferior – flavor with store-bought orange juice.

1. Greyhound Batch Cocktails

This year, these have been my be-all end-all. It combines the greyhound, which is probably my favorite emergency cocktail, with the gimlet. The addition of Fresca brings out the flavors without sweetening the drink and provides the perfect hint of fizz.