Ben & Jerry's Serves Up NYC Ice Cream Flavor

By Dane Feldman
Photo by Dane Feldman.

Since April, Ben & Jerry’s has stopped in eight out of 11 cities on its planned City Churned tour. The campaign, which is bringing new city-inspired flavors to 11 US locations for free, began in Miami on April 4 and is expected to finish in Boston on September 28. Last week, I headed to Pier 57 with a couple of other BTR staff members to test the brand new New York City flavor of ice cream, Borough Brew.

The event was well done; the Ben & Jerry’s food truck employees did more than just hand out a free samples of Borough Brew. In fact, while patrons lined up along the outskirts of the pier for the ice cream, employees brought out tray after tray of burger sliders and chicken wings for those of us near the back of the line. Towards the middle of the line, people gave out brownie samples from Greyston Bakery.

I expected just a few spoonfuls of ice cream when I reached the end of the queue and was surprised to find that they were handing out sizable portions. I was honestly full enough that I couldn’t even finish the ice cream, but it was quite good.

Borough Brew, which is comprised of a compilation of ingredients voted on by New Yorkers, is described as a “Six Point Brewery 3BEANS vanilla ice cream with a butterscotch swirl from Spoonable Caramels, brownies from Greyston Bakery and topped with caramel corn from Liddabit Sweets” by the Ben & Jerry’s site.

The flavors complemented each other well and the ice cream wasn’t too rich (even for someone like me who isn’t too keen on exceptionally rich ice cream). My only complaint is in regards to the caramel corn. I don’t personally like caramel corn and felt like I’d been given too much. I had a hard time eating around it, but those I was with enjoyed it.

Everything was free and the line moved quickly. Ben & Jerry’s did a great job organizing the event and it seemed to go quite smoothly. If you are residing in New York, Hartford, Boston, Portland, or Seattle, Ben & Jerry’s will be around serving up unique flavors in your back yard soon enough.