Alton Brown Comes To Broadway

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Oh, Broadway. Heart of NYC! The theater is one of the defining characteristics of this fine city. And what’s another one, you ask? Food guys. It’s food.

Finally, food star Alton Brown (host of Iron Chef America and Good Eats) is making a show which merges the two. Brown, is known for his intimate understanding of food, not just on the culinary level, but on the scientific. Which explains why the title of his show is Alton Brown Live: Eat Your Science.

The show is currently touring around the U.S. and will land on Broadway during Thanksgiving week for a performance.

In a statement Brown released about the show he explained, “all new everything including songs, new comedy, new puppets and bigger and better potentially dangerous food demonstrations.” Dangerous, you say? He went on, “I can neither confirm nor deny that we’ve given the Broadway version of ‘Eat Your Science’ a distinctly Thanksgiving flavor, but wouldn’t that be cool?”

Does a live food show on Broadway mean free samples for the crowd? If so, count me in! It’s really putting a whole new twist on Dinner Theater.