Chipotle In The Clear

After months of unfortunate press overshadowing the casual Mexican chain, it seems that Chipotle’s troubles may finally be over.

The Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announced that the outbreak of E. Coli, which has plagued Chipotle for months, has finally been deemed eradicated. After a series of outbreaks the chain was forced to close multiple storefronts, and reassess its protocol for preparing and serving food.

With an investigation complete, Chipotle has a go-ahead to keep on cooking, and customers have the peace of mind of being able to return to their favorite restaurant.

No specific ingredient was able to be identified as the source of the outbreak.

Having operated with a relative amount of transparency and humility throughout this process, Chipotle has managed to maintain clear communication with its customers–and despite the scandal, they do not appear to have lost an inordinate amount of patrons in the process.

The previously scheduled one-day shut down of all storefronts on February 8th will still take place, so that Chipotle can make sure to get all of their ducks in a row.