In-N-Out Burger, In-Australia-Out-of-Burgers

If you grew up on the east coast like me, the mythos surrounding the In-N-Out Burger may have wet your appetite and curiosity long before your tastebuds had time to catch up.

For years, I heard stories of an amazing burger, a secret menu, a treasure which seemed almost too good to be true. Though I knew of the notorious California chain, I didn’t have the chance to eat there until I was into my twenties.

When I finally visited friends in LA during college, I got my taste of the much anticipated meat treat. And boy oh boy, did it live up to the hype.

It seems that this reputation of deliciousness has travelled not only coast to coast, but overseas, and all the way down under. In-N-Out burger recently opened a pop-up in Sydney, Australia, where they were met with unprecedented fanfare.

The pop-up was set to sell a finite amount of burgers, beginning at noon and closing at 4pm. Patrons began lining up at the location at the crack of dawn, as early as 6 a.m., and the burgers were sold out by 11:30 a.m.; before the pop-up had even officially opened.

In-N-Out could remedy the ailments of we poor sops who go without by simply opening more shops in various locales. Though, if it were something available to everybody, everywhere, all the time, would the In-N-Out burger maintain its allure?

Perhaps not. Which is why, although I pine for In-N-Out, I can not blame the franchise for holding out. They know what they’re doing.