All Chipotle Stores To Close For One Day

Developments arise as BTR’s Chipotle Watch continues, and folks, I’m afraid that the news ain’t good.

After a series of outbreaks of E. Coli, and the announcement of a federal investigation surrounding our favorite casual Mexican eatery, Chipotle has announced that they will be closing every one of their locations for one single day, to conduct a company wide meeting addressing the unfortunate events which have plagued them this past year.

If you’re eating Chipotle every day, like this guy, mark your calendars–because February 8th will be a dark day and it’s best to start preparations now. Perhaps on your next Chipotle run you should order double, or triple, and stockpile your burrito bowls in the fridge for this impending doomsday.

Let us consider this day a “moment of silence,” to commemorate the losses incurred by all parties involved in this whole debacle.

Hopefully, this will mark a turn, and we will once again see Chipotle on the upswing: championing the cause of bringing affordable, not horribly processed or disgusting, food to people everywhere.