Starbucks Hearts Secrets

Starbucks, our favorite coffee chain to keep tabs on, apparently has something special up their sleeve as that oh-so-overrated-and-inevitably-depressing-holiday that we all dearly love creeps up on us.

Valentine’s day!

Though the hallmark holiday is still upwards of a month away, coffee giants are introducing some new romance themed choices to their famed secret menu. With items like the Love Bean Frappacino (raspberry pumps, vanilla bean, chocolate curls and raspberry-infused whipped cream) and the aptly named Valentines Frappucino, those poor souls struck with cupid’s bow can find themselves some caffeinated sweet treats to match.

The same rules apply to these new concoctions as the other drinks on Starbucks’ under-the-table menu: they won’t be listed, but customers can walk into any Starbucks and order these seasonal beverages.

Whether you’re buying one for your significant other, or burying your sorrows and loneliness in sugar and caffeine, these special Valentine’s treats are sure to satisfy.

Featured photo by Cliff Johnson.