A Taco A Day...Isn't Enough Tacos

I’m not really one to buy into cleanses or fad diets. In fact, I tend to avoid them at all costs.

I am, however, one to indulge in tacos–which is why the New Year’s latest cleanse diet has me feeling confused in all sorts of ways.

The Taco Cleanse is a meal plan after my own heart; addressing in its very premise that “cleanses are the f*cking worst.” Why on earth should we deprive ourselves of foods that make us happy, isn’t that counter-productive? Refusing to eat delicious things doesn’t make me feel detoxed, energetic, and joyous; it makes me hungry and resentful and an altogether unpleasant person to be around.

Enter tacos.

With a four-tiered, taco-centric food pyramid (complete with supplementary tequila suggestions), The Taco Cleanse promises to improve your mood, and subsequently your life, in as little a 24 hours.

The full cleanse spans 30 days, and consists completely of various tortilla bound meals; breakfast tacos, vegetable tacos, bean and grain tacos, fusion tacos, dessert tacos, and fast food tacos. It is essentially a dream come true.

Maybe 2016 won’t be so bad, after all.

Featured photo by Evan P. Cordes.