Heaven Is A Golden Doughnut

Just when I thought that Williamsburg couldn’t get any more bourgeoisie, and the NYC food scene couldn’t get any more decadent, Manila Social Club went ahead and proved me wrong. The eatery recently added golden doughnut to their culinary roster. Damn.

Apparently, the sweet gem of a dessert is infused with champagne jelly, dripping in an icing made from the notoriously upscale bubbly, Cristal, and it is leafed in–you guessed it–24 karat gold. It is available for a mere $100.

As of yet, the most sinful doughnut I’ve ever had was at Bed Stuy haunt Do Or Dine, now permanently closed. The memorable dish was a jelly filled, foie gras donut. My friend and I shared one, and as we bit into it we both broke out into euphoric, hysteric, giggles simultaneously. It was so rich and scrumptious that she and I continued to laugh each time we took another taste, unable to contain our joy.

The foie gras experience was one so special that I imagined that it spoiled me on the topic of luxury donuts for life. I vowed to myself that I’d never try anything like it again, because nothing could possibly live up. However, a donut dipped in gold is something I’d venture to try, despite my previous convictions.

That said, I don’t have 100 big ones lying around to blow on doughnuts at whim. So, if you want to help a young woman realize her dreams, I’ll accept dough-nations (ha ha) of any size.

Featured photo by Tom Olson.