More Bad News For Chipotle

The blows just keep on coming for popular casual Mexican fast food joint, Chipotle.

In 2015, due to outbreaks of both E. Coli and Norovirus, the chain was forced to temporarily close its doors on 43 of their storefronts. And the nightmare isn’t yet over, as it seems that they will soon face a federal criminal investigation which will be focusing largely on an outbreak which occurred months ago, in Simi Valley California, and affected approximately 230 customers. The US Food And Drug Administration’s Office of Criminal Investigations will be looking into the case and determining the outcome.

Out of all the fast food chains which routinely serve items only remotely passable as food, it’s unfortunate that Chipotle is facing the most scrutiny. The company has long advocated for the use of local and fresh ingredients, rather than frozen or overly processed goods. Their mission is admirable, and their plight no less than a modern tragedy.

Good luck Chipotle, may your comeback be as glorious as free guacamole.

Photo by Mike Mozart.