Patti's Pies

Grammy award-winning singer Patti LaBelle, known mostly for her sultry vocals, apparently has some other talents up her sleeve.


Over the holidays, miss LaBelle launched her line of sweet potato pies at Walmart, to great enthusiasm and fanfare. The cakes sold out so quickly that the superstore decided to extend their stay on the shelves, and stock them year-round.

This month, LaBelle will launch two brand new products with Walmart under her Patti’s Good Life brand: a caramel cake and a vanilla pound cake.

It seems that Lady Marmalade serves up more than soul and impressive vocal runs: outside of desserts, her repertoire includes a line of household items like sheets and pillows, as well as signature saucers and a cookbook.

Evidently, Patti believes her treats are as sweet as her songs, commenting on the matter, “I have a hit pie.”

You go girl. Music sounds better with pie.

Featured photo courtesy of Sandra Alphonse.