Unfortunate Reese's Holiday Treats

In the spirit of Holiday cheer, our favorite candy company, Reese’s, released a limited edition peanut butter cup in the shape of what they claimed to be a Christmas Tree.

Consumers were disappointed to find that the festive morsels which they salivated over looked not like evergreen fir trees, sparkling with twinkling lights and the dew of newly melted snow. But, rather, that they more closely resembled “turds.”

Sweet-tooths across the nation posted photos to social media, calling out the company for their misshapen niblets.

In response, a Reese’s liaison made a statement that the shape was a result of a higher ratio of peanut butter (who can complain about that) as well as their choice to not use a traditional mold when producing the sweets.

But Reese’s mistake isn’t quite as shocking as one might think, given that poop-themed food is in fact not an altogether new concept. At House Of Poo in Beijing, China–yes, that’s the real name–diners feast while sitting on porcelain thrones, and choose from dishes like “Poo Funny Mud” served in miniature toilet shaped bowls.

Though such an extreme experience is certainly not my cup of tea, what’s the big deal if your yummy chocolate treat appears a bit unappetizing? It all looks the same coming out the other side.

Featured photo courtesy of Mike Mozart.