Anthony Bourdain Releases Gory Graphic Novel

Anthony Bourdain–food star, general badass, and my soulmate born 30 years too soon–has released a prequel to his graphic novel Get Jiro!, entitled Get Jiro! Blood and Sushi.

Bourdain told Food & Wine Magazine that he combined cooking and violence in his sushi story because “they’re basic bodily functions. It’s what animals do: They eat, they screw, they kill.” Outrageous, gory, and absolutely over-the-top, the second book sets the stage for the strange world of the first Get Jiro!, a landscape that Bourdain described as a “dystopian, satirical extension of foodie over-seriousness.”

Super-fans worry not, this creepy comic isn’t the only printed Bourdain work to gobble up. Readers have more dysfunction to look forward to, though next time it won’t take place in a far off imagined milieu. Instead we’ll be invited into Bourdain’s very own home kitchen, which might be just as weird: “I can promise you it will be unlike anything that’s come before–certainly unlike any family cookbook.”

Get Jiro! Blood and Sushi is now on bookshelves near you, and Bourdain predicts that his new family cookbook will be available sometime this coming spring.

Main photo courtesy of Peabody Awards.