You Fight To Win Guardian Sub

New York Super Week, which ran from October 5th through 11th, celebrated all things fantastic. Super week occurred in affiliation with Comic Con, the epic pop-culture convention that urges participants to truly let their freak flags fly by dressing up as their favorite comic book characters, and taking the city by storm.

Themed events and food popped up all over New York City, including at acclaimed sandwich shop No. 7 Subs, known for their inventive combinations and locally sourced foodstuffs. In regards to the nature of the business, Partner Matt Suchomski told New York Magazine that they specialize in “classic subs with righteous ingredients.” This means that instead of boring deli meats and factory baked goods, they’re curing, roasting, or smoking their own meats, and baking bread from scratch.

In keeping with the Super Week theme, No. 7 Subs created the You Fight To Win Guardian sub, consisting of “Hadronic Essence” (thai basil), “Plasteel Plating” (prosciutto),“Ascendant Energy” (pho mayo), “Sapphire Wire” (roasted bean sprouts), and “Electric Light” (pickled red onion). The sub seemed to be a take on Vietnamese Bahn Mi, which is one of my absolute favorite sandwiches. So, of course, I had to try it.

I went to No. 7 Subs Ace Hotel location; but there are also outposts in Dumbo and The Plaza Food Hall. The shop itself is tucked away, dark and cramped, like a secret villain’s lair, and when I walked in there were already thirteen dudes waiting for subs. Yup, you heard me, thirteen dudes. I counted. But that sure wasn’t going to stop me; move over bros! Sandwiches are a lady’s game!

Given that I had embarked on a mission to try You Fight To Win Guardian sub, I wasn’t hit with crippling indecision upon ordering, as I often am when faced with a menu as extensive and enticing as the one at No. 7 Subs. Some stand outs to try in the future include The Karate Kid (slow-roasted pork, fresh mozzarella, avocado, salsa verde) and the Broccoli Classic (broccoli salad, lychee muchim, feta, fried shallots). They also offer the option of getting your toppings either on an Italian Hero or in a gluten free Bowl with Quinoa, Amaranth and Brown Rice. Clearly, though, this visit called for a Hero. I always get my Bahn Mi extra spicy (with jalapeño and sriracha), so I opted for hot sauce on the side of this sub because, let’s be honest, hot sauce never made anything worse. I waited with bated breath until my name was called, and I retrieved my bounty.

I left with my sandwich and walked to nearby Madison Square Park to dig in. When I opened the bag, I realized that my hot-sauce had been omitted, which was a bit of a disappointment. Though, not a big enough one to stop me from ravenously taking my first bite.

First of all, prosciutto is one of the best foods ever, so put it on just about anything and you’re golden. Quality matters, and that was definitely up to snuff on the No. 7 sub: the buttery meat melted on my tongue, delivering a savoriness which enveloped me. The bean-sprouts added a crisp, freshness to counter the richness of the protein, while the Thai basil was bright and aromatic. The pickled red onions were delightfully tangy, the mayo provided moisture and dimension, and the bread was the ideal combination of crunchy exterior, and chewy interior. Delicious.

The elements of the sandwich were perfectly balanced and each served their own unique, indispensable purpose. Kind of like the individual members of The Avengers, or Justice League, who are infinitely stronger and more effective when they work together. The only thing missing, I’d say, was a hint of spice. But, nobody is invincible, every Superman has their kryptonite.