Farm Road Pops Up


Followers of Dish + Drink know that we here at BTR all but live and die with the installation and subsequent removal of Madison Square Eats in Manhattan’s Madison Square Park. This May, we enjoyed loads of food from various venders at the pop-up, so when it returned in September we were stoked to find some new grub.

After initially returning to BTR favorite Asia Dog, Samantha Spoto and I ventured the next day to Mad. Sq. Eats for something new. We stumbled upon Farm Road’s small stand and were wowed instantly. The spot is curated by Brian Fisher, a chef at Farm Road Hospitality, where he is currently working to launch a brick and mortar shop where Farm Road can serve “rotisserie chicken and greenmarket salads.”

In the meantime, seasoned Fisher (his resume includes Cafe Boulud, Hearth, and Momofuku) is dishing out homestyle country favorites rooted in his Kansas upbringing.

Samantha’s Take

Madison Square Eats rolls into town twice a year, once in May and again in September. For the fall edition, I stopped by Farm Road for a hearty, southern-style meal. I ordered the Frito Chili Pie, which consists of chicken chili, house-made queso sauce, crema, and scallions over a bed of corn chips. Although the corn chips packed a bit too much salt for my liking, every bite delivered heaps of flavor.

Aside from truly honing in on the state fair-inspired recipes, Farm Road’s food tastes incredibly fresh. They use “seasonal ingredients sourced locally from ethical and sustainable purveyors,” which makes me more inclined to return. Currently, Farm Road does not have a standalone restaurant, but with their knack for creating classic dishes, I hope to see them in a permanent location sooner rather than later.

Dane’s Take

I’m a big fan of this kind of comfort food and always have been, so it was a tough decision for me to choose what I wanted to eat. In the end, it came down to the fact that I absolutely can’t turn down fried chicken under almost any circumstances.

It helps that Farm Road’s fried chicken comes as two small sandwiches—sliders really—with boneless chicken, herb mayo, lettuce, and crispy country ham crumble. The sliders were delicious and the chicken was perfectly crispy and juicy at once. Honestly, I’d eat these sliders every day if I could. (But, I promise I won’t, Mom.)

I also enjoyed a big, cold cup of Farm Road’s fresh unsweetened iced tea, which paired quite well with the chicken. Typically, sweet tea is served with these kinds of meals, but I was honestly quite grateful for the refreshing bitterness of the unsweetened tea.

We loved Farm Road so much that we can’t wait to see its restaurant open, so we’ll probably be amongst the first in line when the day comes.