Chipotle Held Cleaning Parties

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Once again, our favorite trouble-makers Chipotle are making headlines. And not in a good way. This time, though, it’s not because they’re unintentionally poisoning customers with E. Coli.

But, it might be just as bad. Or perhaps even worse. Chipotle is back in the news because they were coercing employees into working for free. And doing so without their full knowledge. Yikes.

Apparently, it was customary for Chipotle to host what they called “Cleaning Parties,” where employees were encouraged to come in on their off days and clean the restaurant.

Wow, that’s my kind of party! Just kidding; that’s essentially my worst nightmare and I can’t imagine a less fun way to spend free time.

Part of what is unsavory about this practice is that, at first, employees didn’t know that they weren’t being compensated for their efforts! Araceli Gutierrez, a former manager at Chipotle, told Foodbeast that she initially thought that she was being paid for her hours during a “cleaning party.”

As many of us know from experience, there are all sorts of work violations that go on in the service industry–like not allowing workers their required break time, or discouraging eating during shifts. Chipotle is far from the only offender of worker’s rights, but opening up a dialogue about these wrongdoings is a good way to get the ball rolling on making changes.