Red Robin Burger Beer

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As you may already know, I think that Red Robin is an apocalyptic hell-scape that represents everything that’s terrifying and bad in the universe. And their latest development hasn’t exactly changed my mind.

It seems that the fast food chain has pulled a stunt the likes of which I can’t quite wrap my mind around.

Red Robin is known for their strange and creative takes on burgers; the dishes are inspired by everything from special whiskies to Elvis songs. But now, they’re turning the tables, and instead have crafted a beer that’s inspired by a burger!

The point of inspiration is the restaurant’s Bonzai Burger, and the beer that’s been created is called the Grilled Pineapple Golden Ale. It has flavors from brown sugar, ginger, and some umami notes that are meant to replicate tastes found in the burger.

The beer was brewed by the New Belgium brewmasters, and it will be showcased at the Great American Beer Festival which takes place October 6-8th in Denver, Colorado.