Feed Your Baby Eggs And Peanuts

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Parents, listen closely: are you scared of harming your children with foods they might have allergies to? Well, a new study shows that feeding your babies eggs between the ages of four and six months, and peanuts between the ages of four and eleven months might reduce their likelihood of developing allergies to these foods later on in life. Go figure!

The Food Allergy Research Education (FARE) statistics state that one in 13 children in the United States have food allergies–eggs and peanuts being among the most common foods that elicit bad reactions.

By exposing kids to these potential allergens early on, they may have the chance to develop immunity before they develop intolerance.

Current guidelines for infant care do not urge parents to wait to expose their children to potentially harmful foodstuffs, but they also do not recommend early exposure.

However, this new study shows that babies who are exposed to eggs within the aforementioned time-frame have a 70 percent lower allergy risk!

My question is, who volunteered their babies for this study?