Plants Can Hear

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Guys, you know how the hills have eyes? Turns out the plants have ears. And what they’re hearing ain’t pretty.

Okay, so maybe they don’t technically have ears, but researchers at the University of Missouri have determined that the sound of caterpillars eating plants causes the flora to respond with more defenses. As in; they hear themselves getting eaten and they don’t like it!

There have been all sorts of experiments involving how plants react to sound vibrations, like music, for example. This particular study proves that they exhibit a specific reaction to “feeding vibrations”; and it’s one which attempts to make it more difficult for organisms who are attempting to eat them to do so. Pretty darn cool.

Heidi Appel, one of the lead researchers of the study, told Daily Mail that, “This research also opens the window of plant behavior a little wider, showing that plants have many of the same responses to outside influences that animals do, even though the responses look different.”

So stop feeling all self-righteous, vegetarians! Plants have feelings too.