Butcher Sells Human Body Parts (Kind Of)

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Just in case the world wasn’t terrifying enough, a pop-up butcher shop has opened in Smithfield Market, in London. And they’re serving up cuts from the human body!

Well, not exactly. This creepy storefront fashions beef and pork into creepily realistic human parts: like hands, feet, ribs, and–stay with me–spicy penises.

If you’ve got a little bit of Hannibal Lecter in your personality, and you’re itching to sink your teeth into human flesh but not suffer the repercussions of truly indulging your cannibalistic tendencies, I suggest you visit Wesker and Son’s butchers.

However, it’s not an offer that will stand forever. The shop is apparently a publicity stunt, meant to promote the upcoming Resident Evil film–Resident Evil 6: Final Chapter. Does this mean that the movie is going to be uncomfortably gory? It sure sounds like it.

I think I’ll stick to regular steak.