Video Shows How Gummy Candy Is Made

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The idiom “seeing how the sausage is made” is used to describe situations that it’s better to simply not know about. Essentially, nobody wants to see the sausage get made because, if you saw the process, you’d never want to eat it again.

As it turns out, this same turn of phrase can be applied to something that otherwise seems innocuous, whimsical, and tasty!

Gummy candies, a favorite for children and for the young-at-heart, are chalked full of animal parts that one otherwise wouldn’t expect. And, what’s more, you can now watch a hypnotic and compelling video showing you just that.

Alina Kneepkens, a Belgian filmmaker, recently made a video that documents the entire process for making gummy candies, but in reverse. Trigger warning: there’s some pretty graphic imagery of slaughter-houses and pigs being harvested and broken down.

Seeing gigantic bins filled with detached flaps of pig skin being carted through factories isn’t exactly the most appetizing sight. Not that there’s anything wrong with pig skin. Pig skin is delicious!

However, it is kind of weird to think that it might be one of the ingredients in your sour-patch kids or gummy bears.