Eat Your Ice Cream On A Cloud

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If you’re eating ice cream out of a plain-old-cone, then you’re missing out. Because The Milk Train Cafe in London is presenting their soft serve atop a candyfloss cloud.

Absolutely heavenly.

The dessert spot sports three flavors of soft serve ice cream: Vanilla, hojicha, and matcha. These yummy treats can come in a normal cone if you’re a boring loser, but if you’re an adventurous risk-taker it seems pretty obvious that you should opt for a fluffy pillow of cotton candy upon which to rest your delightful frozen treat.

The Milk Train Cafe is a Japanese spot, hence the tilt towards classic Japanese ice cream flavors, like green tea. Of course, there are all sorts of additional toppings available. Think cookie crumbles, fruit and rice puffs.

It may not be ice cream season anymore, but I really can’t think of a bad time to enjoy such a celestial sweet.