When Robots Cook

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We are living in a science fiction world. Want proof? Your pizza might be cooked by robots in the very near future. Zume, a pizza maker based in California, is experimenting with some new hands in the kitchen.

Zume has two robots, who they have programmed to do menial food prep tasks. Zume CEO Julia Collins says that, “We spend less money on repetitive labor, so things like slicing pepperoni or applying cheese,” she went on, “We automate those repetitive tasks, so that we can spend more money on higher quality ingredients.”

Robots don’t get sick, or take vacation days, or need a salary for that matter.

There are also robots preparing sandwiches and other foods. Does this mean that automated machines are going to start taking over food industry jobs previously allotted to humans?

The makers of the robots say no, that there is still plenty of work for human hands, and that this technology will not put people out of work.

We’ll see.