Ice Cream Algae Ramen--Yes, That's Right

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Oh my goodness. Something wicked and weird and potentially delicious this way comes.

I’m a big fan of ice cream. And I’m an even bigger fan of ramen, which is why a mash-up of the two seems both deeply intriguing, and absolutely impossible. But, The Dessert Kitchen, right here in New York City, is making it a reality.

The dish is called Ice Cream Ramen, and it’s made up of all sorts of exciting things. The noodles are a gooey, neon blue type of color. They’re a traditional Japanese noodle, called kanten, and they’re made out of algae! They’re kind of like jelly noodles, and they look awesome.

The noodles sit atop a bed of crushed ice, condensed milk, green tea, brown sugar, and some other fresh fruits and delicious flavors!

Damn, as much as fusion foods are pretty much the bane of my existence, this one seems like it’s so out there it just might be worth trying! The noodles look like strands of alien hair, and that’s enough to make me want to at least try it.