FDA Redefines Healthy

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The term “healthy” is one which has been hotly debated for quite some time. Furthermore, it’s often used as a loosely defined euphemism for food purveyors to sell items.

Not anymore, as the FDA has officially begun to redefine the term in the hopes of reaching a consensus and a standardized criterion for what the word means.

Douglas Balentine, director of the FDA’s Office of Nutrition and Food Labeling wrote: “As our understanding about nutrition has evolved, we need to make sure the definition for the ‘healthy’ labeling claim stays up to date.”

Cool! So, does this mean that labelling won’t mislead me too much on crap under the auspice that it’s good for me? Kind of!

The new definition will take into account things like changing perceptions of fat content, and sugar levels. It will ideally provide a more holistic definition of what “healthy” means.