The Tomato Debate

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Tonight is the third and final presidential debate. So, what better time than to delve into another, equally important, dynamic discourse.

The tomato debate.

I’m not talking about pronunciation here (you may say “to-may-to” but, to be honest I don’t give a shit)! No, I’m talking about the question of what to do with a tomato you’ve harvested, bought, or cut into to preserve its taste and freshness. Should it be refrigerated, or is that sacrilege?

This is an age old argument; some say tomatoes should be placed in the fridge to increase their shelf life, others argue that refrigerating these fruits makes them mealy and bland!

Though there are pros and cons to each side, I fall on the opinion that taste trumps longevity.

In other words, I’d rather have a tomato that tastes better that I have to consume more quickly, than one whose flavor is compromised!

Much like the upcoming election, sometimes you just have to choose between the lesser of two evils. In this case a tomato that goes bad more quickly, but tastes better before it does so, is just that.