Starbucks Combines Coffee And Beer

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I love coffee. But if there’s one thing I love more than coffee, it’s beer. Enter Starbucks–enter combination coffee beer. Cue unicorns and fireworks and everything fantastical because the world is truly a magical place.

Starbucks has recently launched their Espresso Cloud IPA cocktail, which–you guessed it–has espresso and IPA! Yum!

I know, beer at Starbucks? Sounds weird. Apparently, though, Starbucks has something called an Evening Menu, which is available at seventy-five Starbucks locations across the country.

The drink was created by Justin Burns-Beach, a Starbucks innovator. It involves espresso-orange-vanilla foam poured atop a rich IPA, and a shot of espresso on the side.

Heaven is real.