Hello Kitty Can Get You Fucked Up

Growing up, I had a friend who was obsessed with Hello Kitty. She had Hello Kitty everything! Shirts, backpacks, socks and toys. I myself never got too into the fad, but boy, do I know girls who would kill for some Hello Kitty lipgloss.

I’m no longer in touch with this childhood friend, so it’s difficult to say if her love of the brand persisted. Luckily though, if it did pour over into adulthood, she can pour herself a glass of some very grown up Hello Kitty Wine.

Yes, you heard me right; Hello Kitty has teamed up with Italy’s Torti Winery, and they’ve created a line of Hello Kitty wines that’ll get you drunk, and make you giggle.


There are all sorts of wines in the line! Reds, whites, roses–even sparkling ones!

If you want to give it a try, there’s an Italian restaurant in Santa Ana, California called Antonello Ristorante which will be serving the wine (by the glass, bottle and to go). They’ll also have a Hello Kitty themed menu, to accompany the libations.